Stunning Event Domes

revolutionary, elegant, and engaging

Archimedes Design has an explicit mission to bring people together, using the world's most innovative dome frame. Our domes are exceptionally versatile and can be configured in a wide array of options to meet the most demanding experiential design criteria and event need.

The combination of survival pressures in the desert with the creative freedom of the Burning Man festival experience has produced something entirely new. Welcome home to a place you've never been before. 

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Layers of Expression

change your look for every event

Archimedes Design provides a frame for expression. Our domes can be dressed and re-dressed in so many combinations that they never need to look the same way twice. Panels and tent layers can be added or replaced in minutes, making it possible to have both night and day "looks" at a single event.

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Destination for Experience

meaningful interactions


Humans are social creatures. We understand the shape of a structure influences the experiences had in and around it. We make domes to optimize the potential for human interaction. Our domes forge lasting impressions worth sharing with others.

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