Several months back we set the dome up in Prospect Park. We attracted the eye of a local choreographer, but we'll let her tell the story:

This fall as I was walking through Prospect Park, I saw the most beautiful dome. It looked like it was floating in the air in the meadow. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to have a Danceadventure in that dome. Dance Adventure is a children's dance company that my daughter, Lily, and I started last year. It is dedicated to creating dance in unexpected places all over New York City. What better place for a Dance adventure than an unexpected dome? I introduced myself to Toby and Michael and explained about our company. Many people when asked if 18 ten year olds can dance anywhere near them shy away immediately, but Toby and Michael were quite agreeable.

The dome itself is so visually pleasing, it attracts your eye instantly and I was so excited to use the space to create dance. As we walked over the hill to dance in the dome, my kids began to jump and squeal. The kids warmed up and then began to choreograph, focussing on such themes as five and six sided shapes, circles and circular pathways, entrances and exits and being outside in nature. We work on taking where we are, what we see and the history of the space and incorporating it into our choreography. It was a learning experience for the kids to meet the artists, watch them put together the dome and then create in this unique space.  The DA sends it's thanks to Toby and Michael!



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