We've been asked a couple of times how the domes will be getting to Reno, And how does the shipping special work?

To answer the first question, in this stylish red trailer:

 Husky Cargo Stock Car Trailer

Husky Cargo Stock Car Trailer

To answer the more legitimate question:

The domes will be arriving in Reno mid-August. We will have a shop there where you can come pick it up, and we can answer any questions you might have regarding the system.

Also, as you have never set it up before, we are offering guidance in setting up your dome on the playa. One of our people to lead you through it. The Lodge takes about 6 people to set up, but only one of them needs to know what they're doing, we will teach you to be that person.

We will teach you and you crew how build and strike it safely. especially in high wind conditions like the playa.

The only thing we can't do is drive the dome to the playa from Reno. We are a theme camp as well as dome builders, our additional space is really limited.