I’ve been asked a couple of times recently about the history of our domes and why we came up with them. The short answer is "many reasons”, most having to do with solving one problem or another for Burning Man. From Brooklyn, Michael and I have been co producing a theme camp at the burn since 2009. If you've been, you may know us as camp “Things That Swing". Our esthetic has always been to build rather than buy, it was a costly learning curve, but look where it got us.


In 2013, after four years of trial (and a little error) we premiered the Archimedes Basket. Here are some of the things we learned along the way:

2009: Freight weights and orthogonal edges really matter. There is a too big for UPS!
Unperforated tarps REALLY catch the wind, REALLY REALLY.       

2010: Untreated wood is like splinters waiting to happen
Time is precious out there, you don’t build on the playa you assemble on the playa!    

2011: Bent PVC pole domes pack a mighty wallop. One of the struts being released from tension hit me squarely in the face. Luckily the nerve damage wasn’t permanent it slowly came back within a year

2012: An intelligent team of 5 people can fail to set a 3V dome for over 4 infuriating hours, before having to strike and start over (this time hoping to get it right)