As proud as I am of our cast steel hub, it has its limitations. Mostly in that they are costly to make, we currently can only make them one place in the world, and they're heavy to ship. Beyond that they are dynamite proof. They will last you a lifetime. But it will take us a while to forge those hubs each and every time.

We needed an economy model. We needed to produce hubs quickly and easily anywhere. We needed a solution.

Here's a sneak peak of the jig for the new production hub, and the first welded (not bent and bolted, not poured) hub. This one change will improve production cost and availability significantly. 

When I saw the jig I thought of it as source code, with it you can make as many as need with stock metal... just about anywhere. It is our technology.

 welded production hub (L), welding jig (R)

welded production hub (L), welding jig (R)