A couple weeks back I was talking to the foundry we work with in Michigan. My rep wanted me to confirm where in California they we supposed to ship to for one of our clients. Was it Northern or Souther California? With the spreadsheet of shipping addresses open in front of me I copied pasted the address into Google maps and bam there it was in northern California. Weird thing though, I noticed the "street view" option allowed me to see the front of their house... In fact, I could look at the fronts of all of the houses of ALL of my customers with a couple of key strokes. Talk about being able to size up your customer.

From time to time I get inquiries from potential customers the say things like "at your showroom" or "in your factory", to date that always made me giggle. So in fairness to those whose houses I saw. I felt it only fair to show you ours, the factory so to speak. It's the green one on the middle:

In the time honored tradition of many start-ups we're doing it from home. Michael and I live in Park Slope Brooklyn. As anyone who is familiar with New York knows, it a pricey place per square foot to do business. And we have this big house (by New York standards, still can't set a dome up), so why not work from home?

This is our second full-season of production, and I'm already beginning to look forward to the third. Like any good business, we have a plan. That plan moves us into a production space with a couple more full-time employees next year. Next year. That means more domes coming out of this house than ever before. We've got a target to successfully move Archimedes into its own space. Now we have to hit it! 

But for now, what once was a lovely dining room stores finished product, incoming supplies, and is a shipping staging area. The third floor loft serves as a cutting room, with rolls of spandex hung from the ceiling like giant towel dispensers. The second floor living area has sewing machines and harness production, and the backyard is covered by temporary carport with a functioning welding/metal shop tucked underneath. The basement is packed with scraps of seasons passed. We're exploding Archimedes in every room.

Sometime in March I relented to the fact I DO have a factory! The good news? Each sale gets us closer to home, literally. Here's to the 2016 showroom!