Today we got the following note. On a week when the overplayed mental loop was "the second year start-up blues", one short message got my head back in the game. Thanks Sarah!

I am curious whether there are any learning/employment opportunities available. I have previous experience working with a geodesic structure design company. I would love to utilize anything/everything I've learned to contribute to Archimedes Design. I'd also love to continue learning about the design processes and marketing for beautiful artistic structures. 

I am 19 and intrigued by the structures designed and built for festivals and functionality. I plan on one day studying product design at a university. At this point in my life, though, that is not practical. So I am trying to learn from the people who already do what I could only dream of. 

I hope that this sparks an interest for someone at Archimedes Design. I'd love to further discuss what I could bring to the table. Thank you for your time and consideration.