Just wanted to say thank you to the I FEEL crew for having us along for Coral Palace this past weekend in Bushwick. Throwing an underwater themed party sort of beg for a little water, but I think it was more than ANY of us was counting on!

 I FEEL ...The Coral Palace

I FEEL ...The Coral Palace

Despite the weather, we were really pleased to be able to share one of our domes at a really awesome event. We didn't get to build it quite as big as we would if the wind and rain had been more on our side. But, with the help of the I FEEL crew we were able to make a cozy spot that weathered the wetness far longer than we anticipated.

If you like our structures give us a shout. We've got lots of configurations for different camps and use on the playa. They are playa tested and can take high winds (as you saw this weekend, psst it wasn't even weighted down!)

We even are running a discount for the I FEEL family 20% off any of our products until July 5th! Enter IS20 at checkout for discount.

One last thing. Who did decide to help us strike the dome? Wow, that must have sucked. You made some very logical choices in how to take it apart. Sadly the whole sequence of how that should happen didn't really reveal itself until it had gotten a little away from you. Those connecting hubs crashing down from 10 feet because there is no longer any support structure keeping them in place, I'm sure, was quite sobering at whatever hour of the morning you stepped in to give us a hand.

If you had only known a couple of simple instructions, you would have gotten it totally right. Ironically we even have those instructions on laminated cards on site so they couldn't get destroyed by the rain. 

For the most part there was only minor damage, and lots of missing parts. Roee has been amazing throughout the process. For a design team that prides itself on easy of use and gorgeous products, it was a frustrating Sunday for a few of us. But all is already being repaired, look for us at other events throughout summer with bigger and more colorful structures.