The event of After Burn was an excellent success with video projections on domes from VJ UserZero and Michelson Britt. 

The turnout at Village Pied-du-Courant was wonderful. Many known faces from the Montreal burner community as well as many new faces as well. 

Despite the chill in the air, spirits were high. Good conversations, good music and lots of dancing. 


Working with VJ UserZero again was wonderful. It’s always so much fun the play with light on the domes. 

It’s wonderful to work with someone that projects in live time. You can ask him to do anything and watch as he uses his custom made software to bring your vision to life. 


An unexpected and welcome addition during the middle of the night was an interactive projection by Michelson Britt. He came up to me during the middle of the evening asking if I would mind if he projected in the other dome. The answer was a resounding, “Please do!” and we spent the next hour rigging together a makeshift projection hanger. 

The resulting installation filled the inside of the dome with a nova-like light, and as you walked through it, it would mimic your movements and change the pattern. 

Having both of the domes lit up during the event was wonderful. The moods of the domes were each completely unique due to the different types of projection methods and movement of the light.

I had several interactions with participants who were just awestruck by the projected imagery. It was extremely mesmerizing to watch, and throughout the night there were large numbers of people who would just lay down and engage with the projections. 

By midnight the event was over, and we started the middle of the night teardown. Tired but satisfied, it was definitely worth having these domes up to play with at this event. 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp