"Enter into the Shaded Chambers, a place for exploration and discovery. Let your imagination take you away, transform your space and your mindset!" 

"Enter into the Shaded Chambers, a place for exploration and discovery. Let your imagination take you away, transform your space and your mindset!" 

We felt really proud about every dome we brought to Figment this year. We really pushed the intent of the domes in the direction that we want them to go, which is as artistic containers which create space for community, dialogue, and shifts in mindset. 

I think that if there’s anything the Archimedes team is passionate about, it’s creating shared experiences and facilitating new perspectives so that we can live in a more engaged and connected world.

This year at Figment, we really felt like we achieved what we desire to see from these domes. The participation of the crowd was so exciting, and the engagement with the art was so sincere. Not only did we create a place of beauty and entertainment, but we facilitated space for people to have deep, captivating experiences, that allowed them to look at the world in a new way. 

Not all art has to touch all people. Every experience is not right for every single person. But we do this work in the hopes that what we do touches at least a few, and Figment was a prime example of that intention in action. 

The participants at Figment were not afraid to engage. They were not afraid to go deep. They were not afraid to have some of the harder conversations about life with their friends and children, and with us. All we needed to do was to provide a space where we could bring up some questions, and the audience did the rest. That is what art is supposed to do. 

One of the things I felt was the most functional about this installation, was that all of the domes were connected this year. We are aware that the outside of the domes can create a barrier. You can’t always see in from the outside, and because of that we often deal with the issue of people assuming that the domes are private space and they’re less inclined to enter, even with signage. 

With the domes all connected like this it created a hub. Once you walked in the first entrance all the domes were open to you. In addition to that, the main area became a place of intense community gathering. Parents could hang out in the middle while their kids delved into the other domes. It created a safe container for exploration and interaction. We often heard the phrase, “You can go wherever you want as long as it’s in the domes.” And then the parents would sit down and begin conversations with other parents who had just informed their children of the same thing. 

Watching the domes work in this way was so inspiring. We make things like this to create space to bring people together, and Figment was so functional in doing so. It was an incredible ground to test out layout and the type of participatory art that takes these domes from pretty infrastructure, to fundamental and life changing community space.

Thank you so much to the Figment organizers for allowing us space to further our art and keep pushing these dome in the direction we want them to go. 

Next up for us we’ll bringing eight domes to Gratitude Migration to collaborate with several other artists and create sacred spaces for the festival. It’s only the start of the summer, and it’s so exciting to see the dreams for our domes beginning to solidify!

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp