There are times when making art is a struggle. When it’s a job and you get up in the morning and hammer your head against a concept day after day until you finally figure out how to take an idea and make it physical. 

Then there are other days when it feels like the thoughts in your head are flowing through you, from some greater channel out there in the universe. The beautiful things about these domes is that they already have a stunning container from which to build up from. 

On the way home from New York I felt so inspired. Figment had gone amazing and I was just itching to create. The next dome series would be going to Solstice Festival, and a concept needed to be created for it. I was interested in creating a meditation dome. Any festival needs a point of calm, and the domes really facilitate that type of temple-like space. 

The Halcyon Temple ended up coming into fruition based on the Greek myth of Alcyone. Alcyone was a queen whose husband was lost at sea, and in her sorrow she threw herself into the ocean. Seeing her great love and grief, the gods decided to have mercy on them both, and change them into birds so that they could be together. As a gift to the couple, the gods calm the sea for 7 days a year on solstice so that they birds can make their nest on the sand. These became known as the “halcyon days.” The phrase has since come to refer to any peaceful time. Its proper meaning, however, is that of a lucky break, or a bright interval set in the midst of adversity.

I found this myth to be the perfect subject matter for a temple dome at Solstice Gathering. I loved the idea of the gods calming the storms so that you could rest after times of struggle. The idea that, even when you see no way out and think that your world is ending, something unexpected might happen that will immediately bring you peace and joy. What a perfect story for a meditation dome that could be a quiet spot in the midst of a festival. 

Setup day went so easily. It was wonderfully sunny and warm, the perfect kind of day to set up a dome. I mostly puttered at setting up by myself, in no rush, with people stopping by every once in a while to lend a hand or chat. The design of these domes always strikes up quite the conversations. 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp

More images of the dome to come!