Out to Governors Island for our first day of setting up at Figment!

Before we left we had a had some parts of the domes that needed to still be built. Although at this point we have quite a lot of inventory, we didn’t have quite enough to build the size of installation we were planning. We also wanted to update some of the domes with new shade stars, as well as the brand new rose tent that was made for the Chamber of Rebirth. It was still a fair amount of work to be finished at home before we could even head out to the island. 

It’s important to remember that we’re artisans. These domes may look like a corporate product, but there’s nothing on it that we don’t touch.

Nothing is shipped out to manufactured labour except for our foundry made hubs. We cut our poles, we weld our hubs, we build our harnesses, and we sew our tents and shade stars. Each dome that we build is lovingly handcrafted by us to add to the environments we set up in. 

After a few days of work at home, it’s off to Governor’s Island for setup! 

We still had a few things to finish making once we got there. There was still a set of bungee harnesses that needed to be made. Although we had some rope harnesses in stock, we wanted to have a new and easier set of bungee harness for these domes. 

One of the initial principles for the Archimedes dome was that there wouldn’t be anything under tension so there would be no chance of people getting hurt during setup. But this year it was realized that, although rope harness are safer, they are also more complex and take longer to attach. This year we’ve switched to new bungee harness, which make the already fast dome setup even faster, as well as making the system more intuitive for people to setup.

While Michael and I finished off our new set of harnesses, Toby began setting up the Big Top. He had it set up in well under an hour all by himself. 

These domes really do go up unbelievably quickly. If you’ve ever tried to set up a dome in your life, you know that it normally takes multiple people multiple hours to set up a single dome. These domes can be set up by one person with no tools in almost no time at all. 

At this point we’ve installed up these domes so many times that putting these together is almost second nature. It takes no thought, and barely any effort compared to what setting up a dome normally would be.

We were moving slowly and enjoying the day. The sun was beautiful, the island was quiet. 


It feels good to work with a team that knows each other. We’re so used to setting up together at this point. There’s no need for direction, we all know what needs to be done and contentedly work together to do it. 

It’s so beautiful to watch these domes pop up little by little, adding color to the empty field. For the small amount of work they are, they really do make a huge statement! 

Set up and ready for the masses of crowds that will head out to the island on Saturday! 

 Article written by  Jodi Sharp

Article written by Jodi Sharp