This home may not look like the ultimate production facility, but it is. Comfy and homey on most days, this space quickly turns into a hub of hardcore production and creation. Everything gets done within the house, from welding hubs to making harnesses, to sewing materials to making art. This lovely, normal-looking home turns into a factory on the days that we’re working. 

Getting ready for Gratitude Migration has been quite a lot of work. We’re bringing out nine full domes, which is no small task to produce in our backyard. 

Michael welds hubs as Toby and I make hundreds of pieces for bungee harnesses.

Hundreds of tabs get sewn onto the shade stars and tents.

And the cats help of course.

Hundreds of pieces need to be counted, organized and recounted. 

We decided that the WellnessTemple needed to have a little bit more art to it, so last night I made some stencils and spent a few hours with some cans of spray paint adding some customization to the dome. 

Everything is going along swimmingly. It’s good to be with a team that know each other and works so well together. The production tasks may be monotonous and the workdays may be long, but our commitment to locally made product and to the quality of these domes far outweighs any frustration around the hard work. 

We’re filling these orders in record time, ready to go and start setting up the first round of domes today! 

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