Day two of setup was hot, hot hot. Temperature wise. The beach was an oven and everyone on it was baking. It really made me glad that the domes would be up to give people some shade during the festival. Without shade structure, the beach is so exposed, and these domes are a perfect solution.

After yesterday’s workday on the beach we came back and kept producing at home. We weren’t quite finished all the domes, so Michael stayed home to finish some product during the day. 

Toby and I went out to the beach and were graced with some wonderful volunteers to lend us a hand. They were all amazing and persevered through the sweltering heat. 

These domes go up fast, but the heat definitely slowed things down. We finished Wellness and got up the Blacklight, Soundbath, and Production domes. The Firelight Temple and the Chamber of Rebirth will have to go up tomorrow, and hopefully, the day will be a little kinder to us. 

Paul Manita’s design on the Blacklight Temple turned out amazing. We can’t wait to see it lit up with art inside. It definitely buoyed our spirits to see it come together. 

Still, compared to some of the installations, these domes are a breeze. I felt bad for all of the dozens of teams still on the beach installing and am grateful that, even though it was a hard day, these domes make it so much easier than it could be. 

Tomorrow the festival begins and the domes will all be set and ready to house some of the two thousand people who’ll need shelter during the heat of the day.

Come find us during the festival and say hi!