Day one of setup at Gratitude Migration completed. Seeing the beach for the first time, so beautiful and open. It’s wonderful to be on the water, with the Manhattan skyline off in the distance. A beautiful setting for a lovely setup day. 

It’s been four days of well over 14 hour work days. Not abnormal for this kind of contract. We do have to make every piece of these domes by hand, and it makes for long days. 

We definitely feel the push, but the beautiful sunset over the Atlantic Ocean and the shadows in the sand add a sense of calm to the day. The rain has passed and the weather is warm, and we all move without saying much. We know what we’re doing when we’re working together, and these domes make setup a much easier task. 

It’s exciting to see the art come together on the Wellness Temple.

A few last minute on-site touches to draw the aesthetics of the dome together. There will be more art added tomorrow and it will be complete, but it always feels good when you see a vision in your head that’s brought to life in reality. 

Tomorrow we’ll be back, finishing the Wellness Temple, Blacklight Temple and Firelight Temple. The weekend hasn’t even begun, but the week is off to a good start, with a solid workday and some happy clients. 

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