One of the most amazing feelings in life is to watch people connect with something that you made, and the Wellness Temple was the perfect example of a successful installation. 

The Wellness Temple was a complex of four contiguous domes for use as a studio, class rooms and play spaces. It was an enclosure where the intention was focused on cultivating well-being for oneself and others. The domes provided a focus for the activities and gatherings within, without cutting those inside off from the outside environment.

The Migration staff did an unbelievable job of scheduling content in these domes all weekend. There wasn’t a moment where the site was empty. 

Yoga, acro, hip-hop classes, meditation, movement workshops, feeling exercises, flow classes, live music, the list goes on and on. There wasn’t a time without people putting this space to use. 

The art and the music really added to the space, and every new teacher brought a new vibe and creation into the dome. Each new class just enhanced the energy.

The feeling in these domes was always one of engagement. You could tell that the participants were so intentional in desiring to learn and connect, and it was so amazing to see this location used in the way we envisioned.

Seeing a space we had created be used so functionally just blew our minds. It was the pinnacle of what we desire to see when we make these installations. 

So much love to the Gratitude Migration team for all of the effort they put into making this Temple such an activated spot. It makes doing this work so very worth it. 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp