Gratitude Migration was one of the most amazing spaces Archimedes has partnered with yet. Our biggest installation to date, we were so inspired to be able to create something in this space. 

Although only in their second year, the Gratitude team has so much potential. Even through some growing pains they constantly strive to make things better. We felt at every step of the way that this awesome team of people had their hearts in the right place, and truly wanted to create an event that would create a space of connection and growth for the participants.

  Blacklight Temple . Photo by Tico Chango

Blacklight Temple. Photo by Tico Chango

As the Archimedes team, we were so excited to have a space where we could experiment and go bigger with some of our projects. This year we really switched the focus of our company to be less about product and more about art. We truly believe that what we do is special and can fill a niche of creating space for the spiritual and emotional expansion of anyone who enters or uses our domes. The ability to bring out nine art domes and see them used in the way we desire was truly exciting.

It was so wonderful to be partnered with a festival that is on the same track as us. Even though we are all professionals, we are all growing and figuring out how to hit the furthest reaches of our purpose. We are all focused on making the world a better and more connected place. 

We are so grateful to the Gratitude Migration team for having us. We are certain that the collaborations with your community have only just begun. 

Onwards and upwards! Tonight, on to L’OsstidBurn in Quebec!

Article by Jodi Sharp