L’OsstidBurn in Quebec was a brand new festival that just began this year. The first time that Quebec has had its own Regional, the event was small and cosy, less than 200 people. It was quite the difference after just being at Gratitude Migration. 

I only brought out the one dome with the hopes to do some video mapping experimentation I had been angling towards for a while. 

One dome after the nine larger domes at Gratitude was nothing. It was such as easy setup day. We rolled in late in the day, and I just puttered at putting it up, nice and easy. 

Every time someone volunteered their help I declined. Normally I love showing people how these domes go together, but I was enjoying the ease setting up without having to instruct someone else. We’ve set these up so many times by now, and it’s no problem to do it just with one person.

The dome needed a little love anyways. This is my experimental dome, it takes the brunt of all the research and development I do to these spaces. As sturdy as these domes are, they do need a little care, in particular with this one my pole ends were flanging after a few years of hard use and pressure testing. Easily fixed with a pipe wrench and some elbow grease.

An easy setup day that took almost no thought on my part. After a bit of lighting, it's early to bed and all set for an all nighter the next day for some super exciting dome mapping. 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp