Tico Chango  will be producing and curating visionary art for the Archimedes  Black Light Dome  at  Gratitude Migration  2016.

Tico Chango will be producing and curating visionary art for the Archimedes Black Light Dome at Gratitude Migration 2016.

Myztico is a self taught Visionary Shamanic Artist, he began drawing at the age of 5 inspired by his father Reinaldo's sketches of cowboys & indians. He has never had any formal art education except for his earthly observations. His passion for creativity includes the sacred arts of being a musician (guitar/percussion/producer) with his current  group project "Lengua Divina" & other side  soundtrack projects. He also enjoys exploring filmmaking, poetry and writing, & is currently writing a book with a working title of  "From Times Square to Burning Man" ( a psychonauts journey between worlds). Myztico is currently illustrating an upcoming childrens Visionary Art book called "La Luz" to be released in late 2014. He can be seen painting live at various festivals over the course of summer (visit the live painting schedule in this site). Myztico's art has been displayed at various galleries throughout the USA & the UK. His paintings can be found internationally in the homes of private collectors, including The Museum of Native Americans in Washington, DC.  Myztico was born in Cuba, raised in NYC's Hell Kitchen, currently residing in Brooklyn. myzticocampo.com

How did you get linked in with Gratitude Migration? 

Drew Meeks and Debra Tigerlilly  have seen me live paint at various events throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan during 2015. They asked me if I was interested in curating the live painting for Gratitude festival 2015. I humbly accepted to curate the Visionary Art decoration for Center Camp as well as set up the Black Light tent which went over very well. 

For 2016 I am once again curating 15 live Visionary Artists for Gratitude  Summer Dreams as well as the Temple of Black Light. I am truly honored to be a part of this incredible Gratitude Production team.

What do you feel is special about Gratitude?

It's all about a High Consciousness community that is part of the Burning Man Tribe. Every day is a gift that is the Present that we each need to be in a state of Gratitude for. Hence the Gratitude production  crew is truly a mix of amazing souls bringing to this event their areas of knowledge and experience to create the magic for all to experience!

What is your interest in visionary art?

Visionary Art informs the viewer that we are way more than just our bodies, minds and social status. We are infinite consciousness having a Human experience.  Visionary Art lifts the veils of perception to share with the observer the mindscapes as well as the multi- faceted perceptions if the soul. It is a healing shamanic experience that is spreading internationally. I am honoured to be a part of this evolving movement.

What is the intention behind the Black Light Temple?

It is to celebrate  the growing interest in Black Light Art. A sacred space for the artists to share their creation process with our tribal community. My collaboration with Toby Vann of Archimedes Designs as well as Paul Mantia of Mantia Designs have elevated the typical festival dome structure into a work of art in its own right.

What will the Temple of Black Light bring to the festival?

A magical portal of alternative lightwaves to experience  art as well as a sense of sharing this evolving art form.

Why are you gifting your work?

Art is a gift to community to enhance, enrich, inform and inspire the spirit in each of us

Will this project lead to more like it?

We plan on taking it this to Burning Man 2016 and to many other festivals. This will be a showcase  dome for future black Light Art exhibits. We can customize and create such visionary art domes for all of your festival needs as well as ship domestically  & internationally. Contact us for more details.

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp