As night falls you’re never quite sure what the final product will look like. You hold your breath and hope that the space creates the effect that you were going for. 

As dusk hit, we could see that we had hit this installation right on the nose. The alien lighting glowed in a beckoning way. The dome looked warm and invited curious investigators. The camouflaged fabric made it look like it was part of the marshy reeds, another world growing from the wildness that surrounded us. 

There is nothing quite like watching participants engage with a space that you’ve made in exactly the way you wanted them too. At every moment the dome had people inside of it absorbed in conversation. 

One of the main reasons we had wanted to create this space was so that Ryan Longo could have a zone where he could discuss his artwork and inform people about his large scale project Reactor. Any time I looked in the dome Ryan was there, deep in conversation with someone. It made my heart happy. 

Reactor looked stunning as well. A natural yet preternatural sculpture, the alien tree glowed through the night. It really is a phenomenal piece. The pairing of the earthly world with the field of technological dialogue was extremely successful. 

All night the dome was used as a place of connection artistic experience. Despite the difficult load in and the lateness of setup, the dome installation was useful and successful. 

As dawn hit and the night magic faded away we were left with a feeling of accomplishment. It’s always an amazing feeling to know that you have created a space that enhanced people’s experience. 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp