We set up domes so often that every once in a while we need to do something to keep it interesting. This weekend’s incarnation- matching outfits. 

If you’re going to do something, do it right, and these outfits were right. A carry-over from Toby’s closet from the 1990’s, these onesies were just goofy enough to add a sense of fun to our prep day. I’ve been pushing for our team to wear matching outfits to an install for two years, and they finally humored me. The laughter and fun it brought was so worth it. 

Elements Festival is set in an industrial site in Red Hook,  a stunning venue. It feels like a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and paired with large scale art installations it becomes a surreal and magical space. The domes looked amazing against the weathered background. A crisp, clean aesthetic mated with rough decaying buildings. 

The one thing about installing on an active industrial site is that you have to work around the machinery that’s there. A very large portion of our day was spent waiting for equipment to be moved and space to be cleared. We weren’t allowed onto the site until after 5pm when the trucks stopped hauling, so our set up window was short and messy. 

Finally with a space cleared, the VIP lounge went up without a hitch. Paul Anthony’s tie-dyed dome looked spectacular against the rustic skyline. 

Next up we put up the firelight dome. Between a pile of ruble and several aging buildings the color of this dome popped. As the sun went down behind the debris we were graced with a stunning sunset, leaving us breathless with the beauty of the site. 

Dome three got set up in the dark by truck headlights. We’ve set up these domes so many times that doing it in the dark was no problem. It was actually pretty nice to be setting up far past the heat of the day. The temperature these days is sweltering, and full sun installs are like living in a furnace. 

By dome four we hit a snag. The site we needed to build on would not be cleared for another few hours, so we determined to come home and finish the next day. The air conditioning and refrigerated good drinks were a welcome relief.

If you’re coming to Elements festival this afternoon, make sure to come and say hi! 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp