Elements Music & Arts Festival was a completely grand spectacle set right in the heart of Brooklyn. With well over 5000 people in attendance and dozens of large-scale art installations, this industrial site was transformed into a fantastical circus of art and music. 

The day was sweltering hot, and we were extremely glad that we had brought out these domes. At any given moment the domes were packed with people taking a break from the sun.

Despite the heat, you could tell that the participants were extremely engaged and excited to be there. Smiles and enthusiasm abounded as people doused themselves with water and took breaks in the shade so that they could carry on dancing and exploring. 

Spread across the site, each of these four domes did an excellent job of housing massive crowds and adding splashes of brilliant art and color to the industrial skyline. 

The VIP lounge was packed with organizers and performers who could take a break from the heat by lounging on furniture and having an ice cold drink provided by MYX tv

The Earth Stage was one of the warmest places on site, and I couldn’t believe how many people were packed into our dome at any given moment. With the dome installed right on the dance floor, people had a place to escape the swelter while still being able to dance to the excellent music going on at the stage. 

The dome installed by the main stage was a great place to stop and have a conversation after cooling down in the water spray system that was installed behind the dome along the canal.

The Firelight dome housed the cuddle puddle and a few people set up doing face painting and glitter. Located right in the middle of the site, the dome allowed a great space to rest in the midst of your explorations. 

It was also nice to run into the other amazing artists that were installed at the event, like Tico Chango, the Incendia team and Rhizome Productions, all artists that we had worked with at Gratitude Migration this summer.

All in all, the locations of all of these domes were functional and ideal. Having them spread around the site made great oases for the participants to rest and be sheltered. But more than just functional, these domes were a superb addition to the incredible amount of art that the BangOn! team brought out to this massive event. We were so happy to be able to add a beautiful and useful addition to this marvellous party. 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp