Headed up to Harvest Festival in Burk Falls, Ontario to set up on the land of Midlothian Castle. 

Midlothian Castle is the creation of Peter Camani, an artist / sculptor who created an unusual residence in the form of a castle complete with sculpture gardens on 300 acres which is most commonly known as “Screaming Heads”.

25 years ago, Camani decided to focus his energy on realizing a vision of large proportions and permanence. Today over one hundred “screaming head” sculptures each approximately 20 feet tall and weighing as much as 30 tons are placed through the property along with the Midlothian Castle. A truly magical and creative place, it’s a sculpture garden that’s continually changing and evolving. It’s a perfect fit for Harvest Festival and a wonderful place to contribute to Camani’s wonderful lands. 

One of the permanent structures that has been erected for Harvest Festival is “Crash”, a giant dome-like structure that was created to look like a giant alien spaceship that landed in the back field. Every year this massive structure has been turned into one of the stages for this festival, but due to a change of direction, Crash would be sitting empty this year. 

It was the perfect place to instal the one small Archimedes dome that was bought out for workshop space this year. Nestled in front of the massive structure, the dome looked intriguing and inviting. 

To add to the comfort and the allure of the dome, artist Kevin Flynn and I decorated the whole structure in drooping fabrics and beautiful lights. It felt luxurious, warm and engaging. 

Shining in the night, next to the lit of skeleton of Crash, the dome looked like a magical and seductive space that would draw visitors all day and night throughout the event. 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp