One thing these domes are always wonderful for is shelter from the storm. At Harvest Festival, this small workshop space completely fulfilled its purpose and couldn’t have been put to better use.

We finished the space late on Friday night. A beautiful canvas hand-painted by artist Courtney Lush was placed on the floor which nicely completed the space. 

On top of that we threw a whole bunch of pillows and waterproofed the dome, and just in time. A giant rainstorm hit early Saturday morning. I woke up in my tent to the sound of pouring rain and knew that the dome would get tons of use that day. 

All day the dome was filled with people sheltering from the storm. People got to crawl in from the wet, cold environment into warm blankets and pillows full of other lovely people needing a space to stay.

Friends were made and the conversation, stories and laughter were excellent as people enjoyed the warm dry space. Music started and people sang and played instruments as the storm poured on around us. 

By the late afternoon the storm died down, and people began crawling out of the warmth to go explore the rest of the festival. 

The dome stayed warm and dry all night, a beacon of light in the damp grass. I was so glad that this dome was not only a place of beauty at this festival, but a place of functionality as well. 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp

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