Ministry of the Butterfly is a wonderful art project that tours around the South East. It is headed by Rob Roberts and his daughter Helen who started the project a few years back. 

The project is one of those simple yet completely magical installations that takes your breath away. The concept is straightforward. They set up one of our domes, add a little deco, and then fill it with live butterflies.

It was pretty wonderful to see people's reactions as they entered this space. Participants would come in not knowing what to expect, and once they realized what it was the reactions were priceless. People would go from the flurry of activity of someone at a party, to a version of a quiet and awestruck inner child.

Helen Roberts started this project at Transformus a few years back. Her father Rob came to help out with infrastructure one year and it transformed his life. He now takes The Ministry of Butterfly to events all over the South East. 

After struggling to make a 3V dome for the butterflies in 2014 he came into contact with our domes. He immediately got on board by the ease of their setup and we've been partnering ever since. 

It's so beautiful to see this unique and inspiring way that a client uses one of our domes. 

Back at camp we curl up in the shade of our own little personal scout domes. It has been an incredible event and we are so grateful to have brought out infrastructure that people can engage with and enjoy.

It's a good life doing this type of work, and Love Burn is the height of the type of event that we love. We can't wait for next year to do more things bigger and better! 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp