None of us can believe how early the season is starting this year. But starting it is, so it's time to crawl out of our winter hibernation and start making orders for people getting ready for upcoming festivals. 

Our first real project of the year is a collaboration with Incendia, an incredible artist team from Georgia. 

Incendia makes unreal domes of fire that inspire all who enter into them. As they say on their website. "The essence of Incendia lies in a unique manipulation of flame near it's zenith. Combusting gas is trapped beneath a fire-proof ceiling to cast a warm, illuminating glow downwards, captivating the fascination of all those below.  This effect provides an unparalleled ambience for gatherings large and small." Unparalleled indeed, and we are honoured to be able to offer a small contribution to this teams incredible project. 

Our contribution to their project would be two domes that matched their aesthetic. Just a couple places of shade and gathering that people could use during the day to pair the use that the Incendia domes get during the night time. 

We decided to go with maroon shade stars with just a hint of silver detailing. All the framing would be painted black to match the Incendia domes. 

It was a day of chilly spray painting in the cool and grey Brooklyn weather. Halfway through the day it started snowing. Not ideal for spray paint, but it had to get done. 

Hard to believe that in just a couple days we would be out of the snow and playing on a beach in the sun! 

The detailing is coming along and we start packing all the things we need for the four domes we'll be bringing out. 

This is such a small instal compared to many of them that we do, and the job goes quickly and easily. It's nice to be back at these tasks and working as a team again. 

Another task that needs to get done is figuring out new artistic looks for clients that want their domes refinished for the coming season.

Toby and I head to Spandex house, where every type of pattern you can imagine is lying on their shelves. 

The possibilities are endless, and if you can't find what you want, they'll print it for you. One of the things that Archimedes will be doing in this upcoming season is creating custom art that you can skin the dome with. 

Soon we find the look that we're searching for. We'll take the samples and draw up a sketch of the format for our client. 

The next task, finding cool fabrics to create a custom insulated dome for a client that wants to do a festival in Canada in May. 

Toby and Michael did a bunch of testing with insulating and living in domes for a few months last fall, and warm domes is something we'd like to have on the market this year.

With a few days of tasks for our clients accomplished, it's time to start packing the truck to head down to Miami for Love Burn.

All packed up and ready to go! Prepared to commence the long drive from Brooklyn to Miami. Let the season begin!

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp