Heading down the road to Love Burn, Miami, our very first Burn of the season. Not the shortest drive to do for our first trip of the year, but still not even close to driving across the country for Burning Man every fall. 

The trip was a little longer than it could've been as we needed to stop in Atlanta to get some gear from our team in Georgia. After a 13 hour drive we finally get to Atlanta to meet up with Nico and Sara, who are a solid part of our team in the South East.

Sara walked into the Archimedes BM camp in 2013 and never left us. She moved to Atlanta in 2014 for medical residency and quickly fell in with Georgia burners, especially those that plan Alchemy. Sara introduced us to Love Burn where she acted as medical lead in it's second year, and she encouraged us to come. She introduced us to Nico- one of the most mechanically minded people ever- and Nico has been helping Archimedes in the SE ever since. They ran our theme camp at Transformus last year while we set up at Gratitude Migration and they will do that again this year. They will also be joining us in Black Rock city this year as well. They are a vital part of our team and family that help us expand our footprint across North America.

After getting what we need from them and snatching a couple hours of sleep, we're on the road again before daybreak to try to get to Miami to install before the sun goes down. 

The drive is beautiful, with our team settling into watching the scenery and listening to podcasts and good music. 

We hit Florida and the jackets and sweaters begin to peel off. We have entered the land of perpetual summer.

It's hard to believe that just a couple short days ago we were spray painting our gear in the snow and winter jackets. 

The land stretches out in front of us as we truck our way to our final destination. 

As soon as we arrive, the very first thing we see on the land is one of our domes! Set up by Ministry of the Butterfly, this project is a stunning example of something that can be built from the base that we offer. More on their project to come later. 

We check in and find where we need to be. The sun is going down and it looks like we may have to wait for full setup until the morning. 

We find the Incendia domes to drop off the project at. They're not difficult to spot. A couple stories high, the compound dwarfs most else on the field. 

Our domes will be one small added touch to the massive installation that they bring out to this festival.

As the sun goes down we find a spot to hang our hat, with another New York collective that's already set up camp.

Although not the most ideal, it's still incredibly simple to set up these domes, even in the darkness. 

The domes enclose us as the sky gets dark and we rest, ready to get up bright and early for our install day tomorrow. 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp