As many of you who know us personally know, in addition to making domes I love to cook, we've hosted people for dinner at least once a week, for years. Invariably during the meal it comes up, "so where do you have the parts for your dome company fabricated?"

Um, here?

I'm thrilled to think that our products have enough manufactured finish to lead folks to believe it couldn't possibly be bohemian cottage output. But.... we weld all of the hubs in our backyard. We build the harnesses from parts we keep in the basement. We cut the fabric in the yoga studio on a huge paper towel dispenser like contraption we've developed over the years. And everything is sewn together in the library, where copious quantities of podcasts are consumed and entire TV seasons eye guzzled. 

No factories, no minions, no out sourced foreign labor. Unless you factor in that one of us is Canadian.

We get a little help for a couple of events in summer. And Mary the seamstress in Jersey City works up some of the bigger more complex tent pieces. Other than than that, it's me, Michael and Jodi. Sure the three of us can set up 10,000 square feet of dome space in a few hours and SEEM like a big crew, but I guess that's part of our charm.