In the 4 or 5 years we've been making the spandex finishes for our domes, we've exclusively used the solid colored nylon/spandex blend. The colors are rich and vibrant, dyed through, and tend to take UV rays quite well. It is also the strongest and most durable of the fabrics that come from our partners at Spandex House.

Somewhere along the line though we realized that colorful soccer balls with white inner tents were easy for us, but maybe a little limiting creatively.

In 2017 we're adding print fabrics to our line-up, also holographic patterns, nets, and lots of shiny coated metallics.

And the prints are amazing; dogs, candy, weed, bullet casings, skulls, roses-- you name it, they got it.

We like consulting with you, to see how you would "trick-out" your dome. We've already got a few print models in production from the recent sale. Can't wait to share the finished products.

...more soon.