The installation My Body is a Battlefield was an exhibit put on by artist Jodi Sharp that discussed what can happen when individuals band together to shift the overarching system of postmodernist nihilism and fear that is prominent in the world at large. 

Every day we are assaulted with an unhealthy consumerist society. The current realm of power manifests in the form of large corporations and governments who are focused on a profit instead of the true wellbeing of individuals. It is a daily task to keep the negative assault of fear mongering and consumerism out of our bodies in order to concentrate on a progression towards positive change. One of the easiest ways to do this is to band together with other like minded individuals who are focused on creating solutions to make the world a better place. This installation is about the communities of people who are attempting to shift the cultural norms of systemic oppression and harmful human action.

As you enter the gallery you are assaulted with media images of common advertising, newscasts and social media. These are prevalent and normalized reflections of violence, social unrest, white privilege, the hyper sexualized female body and corporate propaganda. These projections cycle through our vision, every once in a while coming to periods of rest that remind us the release we feel when we cut this type of media out of our routine. 

In the centre of the gallery a sculpture of transparent portraits of community activists create an enclosed space that is inserted underneath the projected image. The portraits, while housing powerful individuals who are making change in the world, are also representative of the potential for all bodies to come together in community.  

From the outside of the enclosure the projection is the most prominent aspect, but as you enter into the shelter of the community space the image shifts to one of warmth and containment. 

The appearance is changed again by a series of mirrors that reflect the image back towards the projection. 

The viewer is also implicated in the piece through their own shadow and reflection that changes the final image. 

The installation becomes about the beauty of the new and ever changing light that is created from these interventions. 

Through the action of light being projected and constantly changing, this exhibit discusses the power of the individual and community to have an impact on the greater dialogue in order to elicit change. 

My Body is a Battlefield will ran in the SUB gallery in Montreal from March 21-25, 2017.