The Embodiment Temple is a sculpture made by artist Jodi Sharp.

It is a series of transparent portraits of community activists that creates an enclosed space the viewer can walk into. 

The portraits, while housing powerful individuals who are making change in the world, are also representative of the potential for all bodies to come together in community. 

The interior of each portrait is made up of a hand-cut stain glass piece, which represents the spiritual centre of each individual.

Each spirit is unique and evolving, and yet all the images of spirit have a similar base that links all the people together. 

As you enter into the sculpture you are able to engage with the warmth and containment of the community space and visualize what your own spiritual centre might look like. 

The Embodiment Temple will be heading to Solstice Gathering in Ontario, Canada this next week. If you're in that area you should pop by! 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp