"In the garden of my life is you
standing out amongst the flowers.

The single most beautiful sight
vibrant and eye catching.

That sweet fragrance
that is uniquely you
caressing my nostrils
and reeling me in.

What I especially love
is your prickly thorns.

While I may get pricked ocassionally
it's usually for my own good
often grabbing my attention

and reminding me
to handle such a treasure
with great care.

Your beauty, sweetness, and sass


are incomparable
just like the rose."


The Rose Dome was a Lodge sized dome made specially for this festival of weddings at Werewolf Ranch.

Large in size and filled with flowers, this dome was a beautiful zone that housed the bar and lounge for the wedding receptions after the beautiful nuptials took place on the outdoor stage. 

The space was filled with happy people and laughter as good friends celebrated. 

It was such a beautiful space to enjoy the momentus occasion! 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp

More pictures of Werewolf Ranch to come!