Photo by Dawn Cook

Photo by Dawn Cook

It’s that time of year again! Time for the annual Gratitude Migration, one of our favourite and largest installations of the year. It’s been weeks and weeks of production, and we’re so excited about all the spaces that we’ll be bringing. 

We had a great lead-up to the festival when a bunch of Gratitude volunteers came over to the house to make some volunteer swag for the event. 

Lots of laugher and play as dome scraps were sewn into shorts and shirts which were then screen-printed with the Gratitude logo. It was a wonderful beginning to the participation aspect of this event. 

 Photo by Marie Cook

Photo by Marie Cook

Last year we had such an amazing time at this festival. An incredible group of producers and a completely exciting community that made for an engaging and inspiring experience in this picturesque location. 

This year we’ll be bringing out an even bigger installation than last year, around 16 domes. Along with that we also helped sponsor a theme camp incubator contest to encourage participants to create art on this mini playa. 

This years incubator program allowed small groups of 10 + patrons to get together and apply to be a theme camp. Those who had been approved were informed that they could participate in a contest where the winners get a chance to win their own Festival Dome for their camp space. 

The winning theme camp was awarded a Nomad Sized Canopy Kit along with personalized consulting and planning with the our team, including an initial planning session, trip to Spandex House to pick their fabric, and a trip to our shop in Brooklyn to see it being made. Members of the theme camp will also get custom booty shorts / tights / tanks / tees made in the same spandex as their dome.

Even the participants who didn’t win the dome will receive spandex clothing consolation prizes, an hour of free consolation about domes and community and a 25% discount on any of the Archimedes Dome kits.

As a team Archimedes Design is committed to encouraging and developing creative and innovative community experiences. We believe they both ground our actions and help us discover paths of exploration. The space you create enhances the experience of the people who encounter it. 

We appreciate the support and recognition Gratitude Migration has shown Archimedes Design through this friendly competition. We are thrilled to have been a part of the event since its inception, and we're looking forward to this year's festival, our biggest and best yet.

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The official winner of the contest was Cool Beans Tropical Beach Haven. The Cool Beans camp is hailing from Boston, NYC and Los Angeles and their art station located at the camp marked by "K" on the Festival Map. Their art station will have 400 white hand fans for members of the festival to come and decorate. As the winners of the Theme Camp Incubator contest they’re inviting people to hang out at their brand new Archimedes Design Tropical Beach Haven dome. Make sure to check them out!

Another team, Bio-Glome, was so inspired by the contest that they ended up taking advantage of the contest discount and purchased their own dome to bring to Gratitude. They took their own canopy-based design and came up with something extremely beautiful combining live flowers, individually-programmed led lights, and calming decor. An installation that, among other things, is focused on helping fellow migrators find their centre. 

So many other amazing entries were involved in the contest. Pedal Pies, Lunarus, Mister Rogers, Hyperspace Carrot and Danger Dome all had equally amazing proposals. 

Luckily, we did not have to choose a winner. Community participation made it happen. And it goes without saying ALL of the entries were worthy of winning. While we wish we could offer a free dome to all we would will still do whatever possible to make our product accessible to those who are inspired make their spaces into something that can facilitate community.

For all of those attending Gratitude Migration, please be sure to drop by and see all the space (marked in the pink) we’ve helped create this year! We are so excited and can’t wait to see how amazing everything is going to turn out!

 Article by Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp

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