It was a beautiful day of Gratitude Migration setup yesterday! 

It’s always such a pleasure to work with this group of producers at Gratitude. Everyone is cheerful and committed to getting the job done. We’re so grateful for the support and encouragement of this awesome festival. 

The day was hot and sunny. but unlike last year which was almost unbearably hot on setup days, yesterday had a cool breeze and a little bit of cloud cover. It was still pretty intense, but as long as you made sure you drank a lot of water, the whole day was really manageable. 

We were blessed to have our little six person team out there. The few extra hands were so useful and the domes went up quickly with little hassle. 

The Wellness Village in particular looked spectacular. We enlarged the size of it from 3 Nomads and a Lodge last year, to five Lodges, our biggest structures. Lots of space for all of the classes and workshops which will be going on over the weekend.

The main complex has three domes all linked together. You enter into the complex through the middle dome, which opens up into the two large domes to either side. I can’t wait to see this space utilized by all the incredible programming Gratitude has to offer. 

As well as the three dome complex, there is the acro-yoga dome, which looked so bright and happy against the beautiful beach background. 

One more dome in the Wellness Village still needs to be set up today, and once it is the area will be completely ready for the amazing programming to happen all weekend!

Along with the new Wellness Village, the blacklight dome we had brought out last year was set up again. 

This year we added a new custom ceiling to add a little pop to the colours of the dome. A matching blacklight reactive seating area will also be installed in this space today.

Soon the space will be filled with a myriad of artists who will turn this space into a live gallery worth visiting!  

A little father down the beach another Lodge was built for the volunteer lounge. The Gratitude volunteers are always amazing, and this year the festival organizers wanted to thank them by making their own little space to call their own.

The Gratitude Migration logo was added to this beautiful dome. 

Spray painting on this windy beach is aways a hassle, but with the help of some more volunteers we were able to make it happen! 

Tomorrow this pretty little dome will get filled with live sod grass. The volunteers will have cozy place to stay out of the sun and connect with the other people willing to put time and energy into making this festival happen. 

As the sun goes down we packed out our stuff, heading home to finish building the rest of what was needed for the space. Today will be another big install day as several more domes will be going up on site! See you all out there! 

Article by Jodi Sharp