Once again we got the pleasure of being able to be on a festival site paired with the wonderful Incendia crew. A team who is definitely becoming family, this crew is always a pleasure to work beside. 

This year we were asked to install something for the performers backstage. Although the festival had rented a tent, the fire martial determined that the tent that was acquired was too much of a safety hazard to be by their domes of fire. Our dome however was approved, and went up as their backstage area. 

We brought out one of the custom domes that we made for Incendia at Love Burn in February. A Nomad size, it was decided that the dome was just a little short for people to stand in comfortably. 

We tried something new and put the Nomad up on feet that were 2 feet longer than usual. The result was perfect, with the extra head room being ideal for standing groups. 

It’s always great when you try something for the first time on site and it works out. We will definitely use this new option in the future when we want a little more head room in the Nomad. 

Such a pleasure to be once again stationed with this wonderful crew. They always throw such a spectacular show and we look forward to many more events with them in the future! 

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp