All photos provided by 9 Energies

All photos provided by 9 Energies

The beautiful thing about the Archimedes dome system isn’t just the system itself. It’s about the fact that it can be an incredible container for all manner of experiences inside. A team can take the space and fill it with whatever gift they have to offer the world, and it’s always inspiring to watch. 

One of the teams that has always blown us away is a company called 9 Energies. Headed by Susan and Martin Fisher, 9 Energies is a non-profit that seeks to make a real difference in the world around them by assisting people in exploring their spiritual enfoldment.

Susan has been a student of transformation, seeking to understand and connect with the spiritual nature present in all things. Susan's primary energy Natural Energy 6 was first activated at The Coaches Training Institute's leadership program in 2002. It was a moment of awakening that began to give clarity to Susan's life experiences. Once having experienced her Natural Energy Susan recognized that she had found her life's path. She has continued the study and research into the 9 Energies since that experience. 

Susan and Martin Fisher (Susan's husband and partner) are now working together to continue to build the understanding of how the 9 Energies show up in so many aspects of human understanding and consciousness. Susan is available to work with people to give them the best experience she can of the 9 Energies. She speaks about the subject, conducts workshops, and works one-on-one teaching about 9 Energies.

9 Energies’ research supports a discovery that there are 9 physiologically different kinds of people. These different body types relate to the world around them in different ways and have a specific energy which is active in their body. Because these energies behave differently in the world it is important to know which one you are so that you can move through the world with a better understanding of self and others. 

Determining your Natural Energy is a physical experience where you meet hand-to-hand with a trained facilitator and your body responds in one of the nine postures of activation. The act of identification creates a conscious connection between the mind, body and soul. Once activated it is available to you through postural adjustment and attention to your centre of activation. Identification begins a new journey, accelerating you on your purposeful path.

Susan and Martin first met Toby and Michael at Burning Man 2012. Formative years for all of them.  Susan and Martin visited their camp to see their budding dome project - they were quite intrigued. 2013 was a key year for Archimedes deciding to make their domes into a product, and for 9 Energies committing to bringing their gifts to the festival circuit. As both progressed toward their vision they kept in touch.

Susan and Martin were experiencing working in the festival space for the first time and had the realization of just how valuable their contribution could be to the space. In the introduction to Archimedes they found kindred spirits in people who were also trying to make a positive contribution by offering new solutions to participants of these spaces.

At the time 9 Energies was touring using a white wedding tent which wasn’t suited to their needs. It blew around in the wind, took hours and people to put-up, and also was’t an attractive option. The Archimedes domes seemed like a natural fit, and Susan and Martin were one of the first teams to purchase a dome when they became available. They stuck with us through all the prototyping stages, being completely supportive even when the initial round of hubs had issues with inclement weather. 

They soon realized that the Nomad dome they had purchased wasn’t quite big enough for their needs. They levelled up to a Lodge size, and last year they purchased a tent to go inside of it as well. 

Through the last 3 years both Archimedes and 9 Energies have grown side by side, supporting each other and growing into the companies we are now. It’s been a beautiful experience to feel the supportive sense of community that we do with this team. Susan and Martin are eternal advocates of our dome systems as well as good friends and it is so inspiring to see our product be so functional for a company that is doing such wonderful work.

Susan and Martin are currently contributing to several festivals a year and will be present at Burning Man again this month. You can find them at 9 Energies Camp within the village of Poly Paradise at 3:45 and E. They will be offering Natural Energy Identification daily from 10am-4pm. From 4-6pm Daily they are offering a conversation hour where Burners who have already experienced their Natural Energy at prior events can come and learn more and get a deeper experience of their Natural Energy and how to use their body to generate its power. Their team is always there ready to give you a stronger understanding of your Natural Energy. This is their favourite subject, so join them to talk about it, learn more and experience your Natural Energy in connection!

 Article by  Jodi Sharp

Article by Jodi Sharp

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