One of the beautiful things about festivals-goers is that they still try to make things happen even when met with obstacles. The Transformus Un-Burn was one of those situations.

Transformus is a regional Burn that normally happens in North Carolina. Unfortunately, due to some issues with finding appropriate land to hold the festival, Transformus wasn’t able to happen this year. Not to be completely deterred, some of the Transformus board and attendees decided to hold a tiny version of the festival to dream and talk about what they want for Transformus in the years to come. This small event was essentially a fertilization exercise in what it means to restart or pollinate off of another project.


There were a couple fire pits and lots of places for people to sit and talk about possibilities. There was a sound system and some fire spinning. A community kitchen. Floaty toys on the lake and the Transformus raft art boat, as well as their registered pony art car. 


The Archimedes Camp held its traditional Naked Yoga classes and Bonobo Lodge. It was such a small gathering that the Archimedes camp was by far the main theme camp space. Shade was appreciated and there were people in them, but it was more about the sense of someone having brought something more than just a tent or an easy-up. It made it into more than just camping get together. There was the reminder that this was still a commitment to art and ritual, a space of dreaming and envisioning.

We can’t wait to see what the incredible Transformus team will create in the future, and it was such a gift to be involved in their process!