I am formulating and compiling off grid technologies for emergency disaster relief. I primarily try to find waste stream materials up cycling them into useful and critical tools for survival. I have the intention to improve the lives of our homeless campers. They provide a daily usage test opportunity for technologies that could save lives in a disaster while improving lives that need it. I was homeless for 4 years in the late 80s I want to give hope to people who have less than average. Most after all having suffered trauma. There is a three month average turn over at these camps. It is a great opportunity to educate bottom up. I want to provide a more hopeful vision of the future of sustainability opportunities to people who see few opportunities on their horizon. This dome design is a very good idea. It might make a great cover for a Seattle free school house at a homeless camp. I would love to try it out.
— Thanks so much to Steven Duane Anderson, Encouraging and inspiring words from a new friend in Seattle. (via Facebook)