Layers of Potential

A multitude of combinations

Working with single and multiple layers, the appearance of your dome is intended to change. Our covers are anything but a plain white wrapper.

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Exterior Panels

  • Our iconic shade panels let you set a mood from a distance.

  • Multiple panels mean lots of color, and plenty of opportunity for affordable custom printing.

  • Paired with an Inner Tent, exterior colors will softly fill the interior with tinted light.

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Interior Panels

  • For a surprising burst of color or custom printing inside your dome. 

  • Multiple panels allow for a mix of custom printed and solid colors.

  • Ideal for interior step-and-repeat, or lavishly textured backdrops.

  • Pairs well with Exterior Panels or exterior tent for delightful layering of colors and patterns.

AD511 finish tent icon 2019.png

Interior tent

  • Contiguous inner surface can be produced in any color or pattern.

  • Total line of sight privacy.

  • Works as a light box to soften colors when paired with Exterior Panels.

  • Pairs well with Exterior Panels to reduce heat gain in outdoor installations. 

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Exterior tent

  • Contiguous exterior shell.

  • Mesh, stretch, or waterprrof vinyl options

  • Available in any color and in full-wrap printing.

  • Requires additional HVAC considerations for optimum performance.

AD511 finish canopy icon 2019.png

Canopy Ceiling

  • Large interior surface.

  • Contiguous overhead shade. 

  • Pairs well with Exterior Panels for maximum solar protection and reduced heat gain.

  • Most effective in outdoor high heat and humidity environments where HVAC is not an option.

  • Ceiling can be printed with one contiguous image across multiple panels.

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Color and Expression

The possibilities are limitless

Our frames can be dressed in multiple layers, like outfits for different occasions. QuickDomes never need to look the same way twice. Individual panels, tent layers and covers can be added or replaced within minutes, making it possible to have both night and day "looks" at a single event. This versatility allows you to always be in control of your client’s relationship with your brand by remaining relevant to your audience at every moment

Fabrics and Durability

Our layering system is optimized for stretch fabrics, but we also work in non-stretch materials like agriculture shade cloth, vinyl sheeting and rip-stop nylon. All cover materials can be custom printed to bring your vision to light. Fabrics and printing are UV stable and available with flame retardant coatings.

Branding and Custom Printing

Our approach to printing and panel construction allows you to customize your dome. From single panel logo inserts to full wrap custom printing, we can help you develop a look that's like no other.

In the early 1900's, Henry Ford dominated auto-making in the US. You could get the Model T in any color you wanted--as long as the color was black. In the 1920's Alfred Sloan of General Motors decided to give consumers more personal choice. From the color of the car, to the style of the seats, to the finish of the dashboard, Sloan wanted the automobile to reflect the choices of the consumer, not the manufacturer. By the end of the decade, GM outpaced Ford and in the 30's became the biggest auto-maker in the US.

Archimedes Design is doing for experiential structures what Sloan did for cars. We're going beyond plain white boxes to produce immersive environments that are customized to meet your unique vision.


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