Sizes and Configurations

Three standard models 

AD210 frame icon 2019.png

2 Doors

Ideal for fairs and festivals needing line of sight, and foot traffic passthrough

Pole length: 40'“ 60”

Diameter: 18’ 26’

Height: 9’ 13’

Weight: 90lbs. 140lbs.

AD313 frame icon 2019.png

3 Doors

Ideal for sports and endurance events, includes branding opportunities.

Pole length: 40'“ 60”

Diameter: 18’ 26’

Height: 9’ 13’

Weight: 90lbs. 140lbs.

AD511 frame icon 2019.png

5 Doors

A rotunda for hospitality with 360 degree access.

Pole length: 40'“ 60”

Diameter: 18’ 26’

Height: 9’ 13’

Weight: 90lbs. 140lbs.



Floor Plans and Layouts

appointed to suit your event needs

All three of our 60” pole dome configurations offer 500 square feet of active floor space, i.e., functional space available to standing adults. We estimate a maximum capacity for each dome as follows:

Dance Floor: 100 - 125 people
Cocktail Party (standing): 80 - 100 people
Conference seating: 60 - 80 people
Dining: 40 - 50 people

Actual capacity will vary according to use, furniture selection, service areas, and local safety codes. 


Sample Layouts

AD60516 layout theater.png


Capacity: 60 - 80

AD60516 layout lounge.png

Bar & Lounge

Capacity: 80 - 100

AD60516 layout office.png

Meeting Rooms

Capacity: 24 - 30

AD60516 layout registration.png

Event Registration

Capacity: 60 - 80



Increase capacity with connected domes

You can easily increase capacity by adding more domes to the installation. Working with two heights of our five door configuration, we seamlessly adjoin multiple domes.. The entrances between these two models align perfectly with one another, and the wide openings permit a free flow of traffic between domes. Multi-dome installations provide the opportunity to sub-divide a large space by function or design.

AD multiplex site.png

DSC01296 (1).jpg

Cost of Ownership

Ease of assembly is just the beginning

dome install comparison.png

QuickDomes can be built by as few as two people in one hour, without the use of any tools or machinery. And we've reduced the amount of frame materials by 2/3s over conventional geodesics. QuickDomes reduce the cost of ownership, in terms of labor, transport, storage and maintenance, so more of your budget can go towards developing engaging interactions with your community.



How We're Different

QuickDomes are not traditional geodesic domes

QuickDomes are based on the truncated icosahedron, one of the geometric solids identified by Archimedes (Greek, mathematician, 287 BC - 212 BC), whose criteria included using only regular polygons, i.e. same edge length, that meet at identical vertices. These simplifications, combined with the elimination of 2/3 of the poles required for an equivalent-sized geodesic dome, represent profound economies over the existing standard.

QuickDomes balance compressive forces with tension, emulating the dynamic integrity found in all complex systems. We create tension using custom-made webs (nylon cargo strap and ratchet cams) that pull across the surface of the frame. These webs provide all the connecting force in our system, so there are no additional fasteners or tools needed to build one of our domes.

QuickDomes have a uniform pole length throughout the structure; a small number of half-length poles are used around the base to increase entry height. Since all the poles are the same length, there's no need to follow a detailed map of instructions for the build. Our poles are made from Schedule 40 aluminum pipe so they're both sturdy and light.

Because the geometry dictates that only three poles always meet at the same intersection, all our frames can be built with a set of identical hubs. The hub serves as a connecting platform for the other two parts in the frame system. The hubs also provide attachment points for covers and accessories, like audio and video components. Literally, the hub is where the whole thing comes together.


sim·plex’·i·ty sĭm-plěk'sĭ-tē noun
Sniglet- 1. Simplifying the complex; to make less complicated; reduce complexity; to simplify a problem.  2. Delivering complex solutions in the simplest way.


AD cast hub1.png