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recent installations 



Healing Arts Festival

Honolulu, Hawaii


V.I.P. Lounge

New York, NY


Soccer Tournament Hut

Huntington, NY


Yoga Studio

Keansberg, NJ


Swisse Dream Dome

Wanderlust 108, US


Butterfly Dome

Miami, FL


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Experience You Can Build On


At Archimedes Design, we understand the relationship of people to the spaces they occupy. For example, the wide entrances and porous cover options suggest a welcoming interior that draws participants in. Like moths to a flame, our domes attract attention, then stimulate curiosity and wonder, opening minds to experience more.


The shape of a space influences the way people interact with each other. Where rectilinear spaces promote rank-and-file organization and social hierarchies, circular spaces support democratic social structures and facilitate equal standing between people.

The shape of a dome also performs as an amplifier, focusing attention on anything at the center of the circle. When combined with the sensually-engaging textures and novel patterns present in the surface and structure of our domes, we find that occupants linger longer, delighting in the connections they make. 


In a world driven by novelty and social-media, our domes are irresistibly shareable. They provide photo-ready backdrops for any occasion, embedding themselves in memory and proliferating through networks. The combination of attraction and attention, wonder and delight, equals an experiential success with any audience.






Importance of Architecture

interactions are shapeD by OUR physical environment

Buildings can have a profound influence on our health and our psychic and spiritual state of being. Harmony and balance, light and color, relationship to landscape, ecological sympathy, energy efficiency and geometric form are contributing elements of shelter which aspires to be nurturing rather than draining. We resonate at both cellular and consciousness levels with our environment. By creating an environment around us that is supportive to both our inner and outer senses, we can enhance rather than alienate our human links with nature. Architecture, when employed as a means of embodying principles of universal harmony can sustain us rather than drain us, so that our homes become our havens, and our work places support our creativity.

-John Koch

The opposite of nature is impossible.

-R. Buckminster Fuller



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