Our Frames

Archimedes Design's dome frames are known for simplicity, speed and ease. Even our largest domes kits set up in under an hour. Our unique step and repeat process simplifies installation, without the need for tools or specialized machinery for assembly. As nimble as they are beautiful, Archimedes Design domes are imcomparable.

We proudly stand behind all of our products and offer unwavering customer and client support.


How They Work

All aspects of the customer's time-line were considered in designing this dome frame. Set-up, strike, packing, transport, cleaning, ease of repair, and storage were ALL considerations in our design process.

Our domes shape is a truncated icosahedron, familiar as the pattern of white hexagons and black pentagons on a soccer ball. We chose this geomoetry for its simplicity-- equal side lengths and isometry (sameness) of the vertices.That mean all the poles are identical in length.  And all the poles intersect in the same way, so a single hub can be used at any intersections.

The last element element in our revolutionary frame system are the tensioning harnesses. This unique innovation allows us to eliminate 2/3 of the steel necessary to construct a traditional geodesic dome. And it allows for remarkably quick set-up times. No additional fasteners are needed.

All of this affords our system a Set-up Time to Enclosed Area ratio that's unbeatable by any other dome system on the market. 



Frame Sizes


Starting with one of our two standard frame sizes, we produce your dome using our materials knowledge and pattern archive. We will custom make your temple in a matter of days. 

Archimedes Design event dome frames come in two sizes the Nomad (18') and the Lodge (28').