Archimedes Design at Burning Man


It's that time of year again! Time for the annual event that was the inspiration that allowed us to give birth to our dome system. We're always so proud of seeing our domes used the way they were intended, and this year on playa it will be no different. 


Last year at Burning Man we had over 40 domes on playa, and it was such a treat to be able to go visit our domes in different places used in different ways all around the city. Although we weren’t able to get location information for all of the various camps that now own one of our domes, the responses we did get back about what people are doing with their dome system is thrilling. It is so incredible to watch so many teams of people take our base product and turn it into individual and unique spaces. If you're heading out to Burning Man this year, make sure you drop by to see some of the incredible ways our domes are used!


Baaahs & The Lil Pig @ G & 7:45

BANG ON 9:30 and F


Cat’s Meow @ 9:00 Plaza 


Cezar @ General Camping


Dusty Beavers @ 6:15 & D


Eat Your Heart Out @ the Avant Yard Village @ 8:00 on the Portal at 6&I.

Fresh Squeezed! @ 5:00 & A 


Kurenivka @ 6:00Plaza. (I&6:00)


Midnight Poutine @ 6:15 & D


Parasol Mafia  @ 4:00 & G

Lost Penguin Cafe @ 3 & D


Things That Swing @ B & 2:15

Rebel Camp @ 430 & C

Vomiting Sparrows, 8:30 & B


As usual, we love to hear stories and see photographs of how you're using our product. If you have something to share, we would love to hear from you! 

Jodi Sharp